marți, 16 martie 2010

Journey trough Jiu Valley's ages

Oricând poţi să urci pe munte şi să te laşi purtat departe de farmecul legendelor. (uită de grijile cotidiene)

The most beautiful things we found about our hometown were the legends. These old storryes show us the value of the land we’re living on.
Lupeni is the name of the town we live in it has a scarring legend. It sounds like this : * Somewhere between the mountains there was a valley haunted by wolves. These animals scared all the people until , family after family , they decided to live their houses behind and build another village all the way over the hill. After a whyle the wolves disappeared and the people came bak and gave the village’s name Lupeni . In Romanian “lup” means wolf and this is why our town’s name is now Lupeni , for all of us to remember the dark period of this land.

Jiu is the biggest river that flows across our town. It has a sad legend: * An emperor had a son named Jiu. He was a tall and handsome boy . On the hills above the kingdom lived a little lamb girl with a very nice voice. One day , Jiu heard her sing , and fell in love. Their love was forbidden , and so when Jiu’s father found out he turned his son into a river and sent the girl far, far away . Since then Jiu is searching for his eternal love which he may not find for the rest of his existence.
Lake Bucura from the Retezat Mountains has a legend too : * It says that in the past , an emperor named Iovan
had a girl named Bucura. Their kingdom was in the Retezat Mountains . In the Kingdom of the Clouds , there, was a prince named Thunder who loved Bucura’s blue eyes. One day he asked Iovan to marry his daughter . The father refused and so , when he met her he transformed Bucura into a blue lake- like the girl’s eyes- for her father to never see her again.

Now Lupeni is a lithe town where Jiu is still searching for his love, Bucura is showing us the sad beauty from her eyes and our grandparents are talking about the past times of these lands. Now people don’t live just in houses, they have bloks down in the town and houses only on the hills. Now fishing on the Jiu is just a hobby , a big percent of the population work in mines. When you want to live the worries in the town you climb a mountain and let the legends carry you into their fairytale world.

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